Hot Damn

I waited to post because I wanted to give this some space and time. Well — I’m ready to comment. Last week, I was coached by Brooke re: my super high-school mind drama about the prospect of getting married. And I am amazed that the thought chatter, emotional storm, and drama are gone. I have watched my brain reorient things into a healthy distance between myself and my « old programming » and I’m just so much more chill about all of this. I have a little difficulty seeing how I manufactured this into such a big deal before. I am eager to break down exactly what and how she did this with me, so eventually I too can be an effective coach. I feel like this aspect of my life just emotionally matured about 20 years and caught up with the rest of me — and I can freaking relax for the first time in a long time. Tremendous. Much gratitude. Want to be able to give this to others. Have an awesome rest of your week.