Hot water

I accidentally knocked a mug of very hot water over onto my leg and it burned the skin. I now have a large burn mark there, and its very noticeable. Its still healing but whenever I see someone I know they gasp and say ‘ohhhh what did you do’ which doesn’t help.
I am really mad with myself that this happened but what I am most worried about is it scaring forever.

I started to create a model of what is currently happening, and what I would like to happen. However I am missing the results line on what is currently happening because I am not sure what to write since I am waiting to see what happens.
Also do you think the ideal situation model is good? does it need to be changed?
Thank you!

C Hot water on leg
T large mark on leg is going to be there forever
F Panicked and sad
A Putting vitamin E on it daily


C Hot water on leg
T My leg heals perfectly
F uplifted
A Putting vitamin E on it daily
R No visible trace of accident