Hour One | Sticking to a schedule and just getting Sh!t done.

I’ve been trying to implement the Hour One and have found several thought models that aren’t working for me (i.e. lots of failures/learning opportunities).

I am still getting stuck on ‘creative tasks’ -for example writing.

Here’s what I tried so far: I gave myself 2 hours to write a podcast episode. After the two hours were up – I did not have an episode, I had a bunch of scattered thoughts. Next, I scheduled a half hour to write an outline (I thought not calling that out as a specific result and pre-requisite was the problem).

After my scheduled half-hour, I had a clean kitchen and no outline.

I did some thought work and realized that I am resisting a new episode format. In the past, I’ve always done interview-style episodes. This has allowed me to build a huge following without feeling like I’m in the spotlight. The new format is a monologue with my thoughts about a topic. I’ve done a few episodes like this and gotten VERY positive feedback. Despite that, I’m still afraid the episode won’t be good enough or people will think I don’t know what I’m talking about (perfectionism + imposter syndrome big time).

C= I have a deadline for the next podcast episode.
T= The episode won’t be good.
F= insecure
A = procrastinate
R = Episode is rushed and not good.
C= I have a deadline for the next podcast episode.
T= People will think I don’t know what I’m talking about
F= exposed as fraud
A = wash dishes instead of write
R = I write without conviction to ‘please everyone’ so that no one thinks I’m a fraud. The content has no opinion so ppl think I don’t have one/don’t know what I’m talking about.

What believable thoughts could I have to generate a feeling of confidence and empowerment?
During the time I have set aside to write an episode like this, how do I catch the thoughts and change them so that I can do the work even when I “don’t feel like it?”