House coaching part 2: follow-up self-coaching

Yesterday I posted a question around my models around my house and thoughts that it basically sucks and that means that I suck for not being able to create something differently.

I had another try at my intentional model today- as my future self, and here is what came to me:
C: house
New T: There is NO WAY that I suck…therefore, this messy house must mean something else.
F: relief, OPEN
A: I have space to breathe, room to breath and am able to coach myself…..

Ask myself – if this house means something else, then what is it?
That I still have guilt over allowing myself to create and have exactly what I want.
That I still have a voice that scolds/criticizes me and says I should be grateful, that my ambitions and dreams are “bad” and will turn me into a selfish, greedy, shallow, terrible monster.
I then asked: Is that true?
Answer: That kind of becoming doesn’t just happen to you.
YOU get to decide who you become – every moment you get to choose.
And if you get to choose what you believe, then why not believe to make it the truth for you that as you live beautifully, kindly, lovingly, generously into your big, beautiful, impossible dreams, that you will learn more and more how to love and give and create and contribute more powerfully, generously, deeply, beautifully…why not believe these dreams will take you into a fuller, deeper experience of your humanity – and not at all a monster, but a complete, messy, whole, complicated, beautiful human?

R: There is no way that I suck and the house HAS BEEN happening for me and trying to deliver a message that is FOR me.

This feels so, so much better. There is no way that I suck. Ahhh. Love this work. Thank you. XOXO