House not sold. Plan B?

I’ve been watching ‘How to feel better’ and doing the homework. What is still hard to get my head around is the thought you’re able to know before how long something takes. Examples in the videos on writing a book, finding X clients, earning X money, etc.

We’ve our house on the market for a year, and it has not been sold. The new house we’re building is almost ready, so we’ll move this summer. Since we don’t want to leave this house empty with all risks what comes with that, liking being occupied, I’m exploring the option of renting it out through a holiday home rental business. It’s a high end house, well designed and build in a beautiful area close to beach, mountains and a great city. The rental businesses are interested but with the condition we have to build a swimming pool first (costs 25.000 euros).They offer us 25% of the renting price, what we consider very low. 75% is for their service. With these conditions it takes long to even get to Break Even.

I’ve been very active, in many ways to get the house sold. Not just with real estate agents, national and international. Many other unconventional ways as well. I was really 100% convinced I would be able to close a deal by now. But… not (yet).

My ideal time-line didn’t become reality. Why not?

I’m thinking:
“What did I do wrong?”
“What other options should I’ve considered?”
“I don’t believe you really can decide when what happens”.

I’m trying new thoughts:
“I’m a person that’s okay with renting out our house for at least 5 years, since the investment of a pool and all furniture, beds, kitchen tools etc. is big”
“The rent will compensate for what will be damaged”
“I’ll find a holiday rental business that comes with a more reasonable % for us”.
“I’ve to accept to loose money before we will sell it after 5 years”.
“I get used to the idea I’ll do it myself” (the whole business, website, booking, welcoming guests, organizing cleaning, maintenance garden, pool etc). I don’t want to, since I do have a business and really don’t want another.

I’m not convinced by any of the thoughts. My bottom line thought is “I still don’t want to give up the selling option, I have to succeed within this month!!!”. My husband says I’ve to accept reality and focus on Plan B, rental. He’s a successful entrepreneur, so also did the math.

Will you help me with a more fruitful approach to this situation?
Thank you.