House Projects

Was catching myself on thoughts about being angry with Paul last night & again this morning when he didn’t show up for us to go shopping this morning. I powered on house while he was away, so when gardeners showed up yesterday, I thought he would help move heavy furniture back on deck. I even asked for his help. I asked to check in. It didn’t happen. I wish he would participate more.

C: Projects around house
T: I wish he would participate more
F: resentful
A: do stuff myself
R: He is not helping out.

I see that I want to change C line or my husband. I am aware and appreciative that he is the one paying the mortgage and affording us a beautiful home in Santa Barbara. I have this belief around home that there are just projects that I assume a man or in this case my husband should do. I am also aware that one solution is just to hire help.

C: Same
T: My husband is very successful @ making $
F: appreciative
A: Thank him again and again. Do projects myself or hire help.
R: same