House Projects

My boyfriend and I decided to paint the patio, which has brought up a lot of thoughts, but here is the main thought and model.
C: House projects
T: It drives me crazy when I can see an issue, but can’t say anything about it because than I am attacking his manhood.
F: Frustrated
A: I behave like an idiot or best case have thoughts just spinning in my head.
R: Drive myself crazy.

I know I’m in a position to be able to move to an intentional model because I find my unintentional model very funny when I write it down. I’m struggling with creating a new thought to create feelings of peace, kindness, or love. I’ve tried out the following thoughts, but don’t feel like they are getting there:
T1: Sometimes he gets frustrated and that’s ok.
T2: Sometimes he gets frustrated and I can choose to stay calm.

Doing this model has made me realize how I don’t like it when I or anyone has negative feelings. I had to just sit with my frustration this morning and allow it. Now I’m struggling on creating a thought that will make me feel peaceful versus reacting to someone’s frustration.