How am I creating deprivation? How can I process it?

Hi. I am fasting at the moment, my bowel is quite congested and I know that taking today off from food could be beneficial. However, as my body is getting progressively depleted from food, so energy is going down, I see my brain resisting it and creating a feeling of deprived.

“It would be better for my body if I fasted till tomorrow” is the thought I am having. However it looks like I am in cognitive dissonance, my lower brain is asking for food, so I am ending up with deprivation. I am not able to find out more thoughts at the moment, any suggestion from similar experiences of other clients? Any advice on how to process this? It is a tight vibration in my body that is unpleasant and I have been carrying for hours when I know for fact that with a different mindset I could be in a place of stillness. I have the fear that if this resistance gets worse I wont be able to keep fasting and will eventually eat, which is inconvenient for how my digestion is at the moment. Thanks for your help.