How can I achieve my objectives ?

I am working in a company which offers me a good salary, and I spend my time there from 9am to 7 pm.
I have also created a business, which does not allow me to earn my living yet.
And I have just subscribed to certification in life coach school, which I am passionate about.

I work on my business and certification during evening and week end.
I also have a family life with my husband and my son. We are trying to have a second child but I had 7 miscarriages in 3 years, and I am trying a new medical treatment which forces me to go to the hospital very frequently.

I have 2 objectives: to develop my business and have a second child.

I feel frustrated not spending enough time for my business and certification. But I cannot quit my current job now because it allows me to earn my living.

I tried to focus on intentional thoughts such as: I can do my current job, develop my business and work on certification + constraints of hospital visits. But even during the night, my brain is still working, which prevents me from sleeping well.  I attribute this to the deadlines of my current job, tasks for my business, and concepts learnt during LCS training.
Could you help me to achieve my objectives?