How Can I Believe in the Model

Hi there. In using the model with some clients, they will (sometimes tearfully, sometimes angrily) say to me, “I get it” or “I understand logically how the model works” BUT, I don’t believe this will work for me, or, BUT I still feel the way I feel, it doesn’t matter what I think. I recognize that they are choosing to believe the thoughts that are creating the feeling, but they don’t believe that they have a choice (yet) 🙂 With a client this morning, even after she provided solid evidence that was contradictory to her thought “I’m not making progress in recovery, in fact I’m going backwards”, she still chose to belief the unhelpful thought of “I’m going backwards….because I feel like I’m going backwards.”

My question is how to respond to clients that don’t believe they get to choose the thoughts to believe.