How can I carry my sunny day mindset with me on rainy days?

I’m on lockdown currently in the UK, working from home with my young daughter and husband. Since the lockdown began about 4 weeks ago we’ve been blessed with (unusually) warm, sunny weather, and I’ve found it has really helped me to manage my feelings and for us to enjoy the time – sitting outside in the garden, going for walks and picnics together in the empty fields near our house. Even just sitting in the window in the sun, drinking coffee and looking at the sky.

This week the weather is forecasted to change and we’re about to enter two solid weeks of rain. I’m feeling incredibly, disproportionately anxious about it. Somehow the sunshine makes it easier for me to be ok in lockdown, or think the thoughts that allow me to be ok, or something! I’ve always struggled with my mental health in winter and on dark days, and now I’m scared about how I’ll cope with the next two weeks, and the impact me not coping will have on my work and my daughter.

How can I bring some of my sunshine mindset into the rainy days?