How can I have self-confidence, if I am told I am like Rose on the Golden girls?

My goal with this month’s lesson is to be a person who has self-confidence. I guess I must really let other’s know that I don’t have it, because I am constantly told that I am funny and sweet. Men tell me I am sweet. My granddaughters tell me I am funny and remind them of Rose on the Golden Girls. I know how that character Rose looks to me, and I don’t want perceived to be like that. I usually laugh it off when someone tells me that, but I am really sad inside. I know this is emotionally immature of me, however I actually cry about it sometimes. Of course, my brain tells me that here is all of the evidence that I am not smart and that I am perceived as an idiot. My massive action is to rework the June lesson and workbook on self-confidence. I want to think that how people perceive me is not about me, but about them. I want to be the person who moves forward with their life without letting other peoples opinions come into play. So this is actually a good thing, because when I do my positive thought downloads- I can totally see how the two are so separate. I can be whoever I want to be. If others perceive me as sweet or funny, I will change the belief that it is something to be sad about, to how fun to appear as youthful as I feel. Maybe I could try out for a play! This is such a freeing feeling. I can actually like me just the way I am. I can be funny and self-confident at the same time as I move forward with my life. By the end of this month, no telling who I will be! 🙂