How can I make giving up instant gratification “worth it?”

My timing joining scholars was perfect in my opinion because I joined a couple of weeks before COVID hit and I was all in. I started with Stop Overdrinking and went from drinking red wine every single night for 10 years to drinking only Friday and sat night after filling out “the form” 24 hours in advance. I then did the Stop Overeating series and have been following my protocol for 2 weeks. I have been doing the work of feeling my feelings during cravings and have been successfully sitting with my urges.
I find now that I feel pretty numb most of the time. Much of this has to do with thinking thoughts about boredom but and am not sure how to switch my mindset to productive thoughts that will propel my life forward. Brooke says if your happiness comes from eating sugar and flour, you need to drop that so it’s not a possibility anymore, then you will have that space to change your life.
How can I start doing the real work that will make giving up instant gratification worth it in the long term?