How Can I Make It Easy ?

My goal is to get promoted to next level at my company by January next year. I am trying to practice belief – it’s as good as done. But it doesn’t resonate with me. I can see 10 different ways why it won’t happen by that timeline. It seems to me that I’m holding hard to the timeline, what’s the point in “goal” if we don’t achieve it within a time line ? This is causing me lot of stress as I seem to judge myself harshly in other areas of my life. My most harmful thoughts are – you are not going to get promoted anyways , why put extra hours working at night? Rather spend this time with tour only kid. Remember he is growing up too fast. You can’t be successful, at least make sure you spend time with the kid so you won’t be heartbroken later. This is just soo hard. I want to make it easy. This promotion shouldn’t even matter since my long term goal is to start my own business with my husband , make million dollars per year, look back and say – remember those nights I use to worry about my promotion? Today I have 10 ppl working for me making that salary. It feels so awesome if that comes true.