How can I make my impossible goal measurable?

I want to set an impossible goal for 2021 to completely ‘love, trust and accept myself exactly as I am’.  Here’s how I’m thinking I’ll ‘measure’ this but I’m keen to know whether or not this is too subjective …

– no negative, derogatory, critical, dismissive or self-deprecating talk about myself either out loud or in my head
– loving myself so much I no longer notice me comparing myself to others or worrying if they’ll judge me / editing my behavior in a way I think will gain me love and acceptance from others but that isn’t how I’d behave if I wasn’t trying to seek acceptance.
– feeling satisfied no matter what I ‘do’ or ‘achieve’ in a day so my self worth is not tied to any output.
– abundant energy, digestion and immune functioning (as I’m not wasting energy or depleting myself ‘stressing’ about not getting enough done or what others will think – I’m living in a parasympathetic nervous system state of self love).
– a joyful and loving connection to my daughter and newborn baby (the newborn baby is a hope/dream at this stage) and the ability to be with and support them with their uncomfortable emotions because I know how to be with and support myself in mine.
– Loving my kids, husband, family and friends exactly as they are without trying to change them because I’m no longer trying to change myself.
– My life flows without stress and overwhelm and I can easily make decisions based on what’s most loving to myself.
– I can be with my Mum without feeling activated because I can accept her for who she is as I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am.

Thanks in advance!