How can I process anxiety?

I feel anxiety very often, and I’m starting to think and accept that it might be there all the time, it might be of me so I’d like to lear how to process it, move on and still do things even if I feel it.

Here’s an example of how it happens.

C: I have to upload weekly updates of my customers to salesforce
T: This takes a long time, it’s Friday and I should be resting now.
F: Anxious, with a sensation of pressure in my chest, and compacted energy wanting to burst.
A: Over eat, watch series, surf social media, get strong desires to watch porn or masturbate, think about all the changes I want to make in my appartment.
R: I take even longer time to do it and end up working extra time.

How can I process this emotion and still do what I want to do?