How can I react faster? Or is my expectation too high?

First note: The model has helped me tremendously over the past 14+ months. The model has helped me move forward with decisions and understand why I react to feelings. I take the time every day if possible to model and when I feel it is urgent to do so. This urgent model is reactive and often after “I have lost it”. Is it possible? Does it come with practice? that is to implement the model at the time I need it? In an effort to be calmer? For example: My husband’s habit of giving feedback when it is not asked. He will tell me how to drive, when to pull out, when to not pull out, the list goes on…. If anyone else was to give me feedback I would be able to control my knee jerk reaction. With my husband not so (although it is getting better prior to Self Coaching). I know this is a work in progress. Does modeling come faster with more practice (with my husband)? I am hoping that I don’t have to always reach for paper and can quickly do this in my head.