How can I shift this thought loop?

I allowed myself to get extremely triggered by a good friend’s social media’s post and would love some perspective on how to shift this. I am absolutely aware of how my story and thought loops about this are causing the pain, inadequacy and the sadness I’m feeling. However, this is such a trend and deeply rooted pattern and I’m feeling challenged about how to shift it/what story to start telling and what thoughts to focus on.
I do feel that this is kind of a buffering that I do as well, distracting myself by feeling bad instead of taking the steps and thinking on purpose the thoughts that I need to change my financial situation, grow my business, stop buffering and eat better etc. Is getting stuck in an old story buffering too?
Lastly, though it doesn’t serve me, I know it’s ‘comfortable’ and a pattern to get stuck in victimhood and I really want to shift this. I asked myself ‘how can I stop this pattern?’, ‘how can I change this story?’, ‘how can I become the kind of woman I’d like to be?’.
Doing a thought download, reaching out for support and being willing to work through this is the answer I received.

My first model was:

c: posting on social media
t: I’m not good enough
f: inferior and inadequate
a: cry, isolate, waste time, don’t stick to my schedule, don’t think about what I want to create, don’t do my homework, rehearse over and over the bad stories of ‘I’m not good enough, I don’t have what it takes’, beat myself up, wallow in self pity, eat whatever.
r: My life stays the same, I cause myself pain and am not the kind of person she would want to spend time with

c: posting on social media
t: isn’t it fascinating how you chose to interpret words on a page and photos on a screen
f: aware
a: reach out for support/perspective, allow the urge of feeling inadequate and inferior and notice the temptation to get lost in the story but choose to work through it instead, recommit to my schedule, breathe, stop beating myself up.
r: change/get perspective on this story that I allow to trigger me/have chosen to believe for a long time.

Thank you so much for your wisdom.