How can I use the Model to train my dog?

My question might sound unusual but I am wondering how I can apply the Model and everything that Brooke teaches to change my dog’s behavior. I have a fluffy Pomeranian that is 4 years old now. I have 3 major issues. One is that my dog pees when I am absent or when we are visiting my friends or family. This creates inconvenience for me and my relatives. Second is that my dog wakes me up at night, every night, because he wants to climb onto the bed. Finally, Titus is a very emotional, he barks whenever he feels stressed out (in public transportation or in the street…). I once hired a dog-coach to help me with his behavior, it helped a little but it did not create lasting change. I am wondering how I can deal with this from Brooke’s perspective on Massive Action VS Knowledge that my thoughts cause my problems (so maybe if I think that it’s Ok that my dog pees all over the place I will feel fine?). I am blaming myself for letting things go so badly, it causes me stress and I feel like my dog owns me. I just enrolled in Self coaching scholars and I feel like it’s just one of the maaaaaaany topics where my inaction, lack of follow through shows the most. Can’t wait to read your thoughts about this 😉 Take care, Kasia