How can I use this work to find career clarity?

Hi coaches

I’m fairly new to this work and want to use it to get some clarity in my career.

I think I want to do something in sport/exercise industry and would need further qualifications to get there. When I picture ‘my dream role’ [result] I struggle to clarify it and come up with vague descriptions like ‘something physical with scope to be proactive and creative’

I want to feel like I am fulfilling my potential in my career and that I am doing something worthwhile. I’ve identified that I want this because it will bring me the feelings of confidence and satisfaction.

I feel like I need to be 100% sure it will work out for me before I invest the time and money doing the qualifications to get into this industry, even though I know it’s impossible to be 100% sure.

My friends all seem to have careers they feel invested in and settled, and I guess I want that – something I can really get stuck into and ‘anchored’.

I just don’t know where to start working on this when my future feels nebulous (a thought, I know)

Can you please give me a little guidance on what I can work on/how the model can help?

Thanks so much