How determine protein/veggie/grain/fat quantities when setting one’s own eating Protocol?

I joined SCS to learn how to manage and process emotions rather than using food binging (my Impossible Goal!!) which I’ve done for decades to numb feelings… and in the process, lose and keep forever-off 19 lbs. So I’ll be doing the Overeating Program alongside SCS. I’ve watched the Stop Overeating videos, read the Stop Overeating Workbook (and started to work through it), and got off sugar and flour 6 weeks ago. Now I want to set a Protocol. My protocol will be an 8-hour eating window with 2 meals. I understand Protocols are individualistic. But I still don’t understand (and can’t find anywhere): HOW DO I DETERMINE EXACTLY HOW MUCH PROTEIN, VEGETABLES, GRAINS AND FAT FOR EACH OF MY 2 MEALS? I’m 5’11″ and weigh 149. My goal is to weigh 130 (I have before and like how I look and feel at that weight). I’ve also booked an appt with a tutor to discuss this but it’s not for a number of days, and I’d like to get started! 🙂 Thank you.