How do I account for another person’s lying in the model?

If I put someone else’s words in the C line, but they later turn out not to be factual or neutral, how does that work? Are those just 2 different models? Does it invalidate the first model?

C: Husband agreed with me that we weren’t letting our teenagers drive cross-country together, but asked me to wait until after Tuesday (my birthday) so we can discuss it together with them.
T: We’re aligned.
F: Relieved. Happy
A: I wait to discuss. I leave the house to go to work.
R: Blindsided later that day when kids announce (in front of 2 non-family members) that they’re driving together to Boston. Husband says nothing (doesn’t like confrontation). Ask husband privately what happened, he says he never agreed to this. Ask him to discuss with kids. He tells them we will discuss it together next day. When we do and he stands by the original decisions, kids say they feel that we’re changing the answer they were given by their dad. I feel blamed.

I recognize that my R probably has way more than what goes in an R including the feeling of blame. Is this just a situation where you have to create a lot of different models to get to the individual thoughts?