How Do I Believe?

I started as a luxury travel advisor in 2019 and just as I was starting to make some traction and get some sales to offset my financial investment, COVID happened and no one travelled for 2 years. While I don’t have to start from complete scratch, I am starting from ‘the beginning’ in the sense that I have to reinvest in my marketing efforts. I’m nervous to spend my time, money and energy doing this again, particularly because I now have a 10 month old baby and before when I was afraid of losing time/money/energy, it only impacted me. Now, losses directly impact me and my baby. I’m afraid of spending money and it not being “enough” to realize my dream. I know that if I truly believed that I would get the ROI I needed from my business to replace my corporate income, that I wouldn’t hesitate to take action and spend the money on marketing. I’m not taking action, so I must not truly believe. What is the best way to get unstuck and believe?!