How do I focus on one issue at a time?

I joined Scholars to work on overdrinking. As I create models, I’ve noticed other thoughts that pop up that are related to perfectionism and how I’ve been socialized to hustle and achieve.

For example when I write
C- Come home from work
T- Long day, I deserve a drink
F – Tired, relieved to be home
A- Drink
R- Feel sluggish the next day. Upset with myself for drinking. No energy to get up and exercise, so I feel guilty about that.
I think about why I had a long day. I am driven/feel pressure to work to a point that I can’t give myself permission to rest without alcohol.

So then I wonder if I should be working on perfectionism or some other area? Or body image because I feel guilty I didn’t exercise? Seems like my mind just whirls around!