How do I know if I am kidding myself?

I have a really big dream. It seems like rainbows and puppies when I am daydreaming and fantasizing about it, but then I notice that I overlook a lot of the aspects that come along with it, like demands, employees, stress of keeping up or making it fresh or just scheduling.
So then I tell myself that that is not how I want to live, but then it feels like quitting. I try to figure out if my reasons are legit or not, but can figure out “what is legit”.

I am certain there was a Podcast on it a while ago, but I can’t put my finger on it.

I tried to do a model, but if I change my T line, I feel like I am not taking everything into account for the dream. I mean, I could have the dream of being an Olympian, even though I don’t like to work out and then put “I can do it without working out” in my T line, but then I would consider it “kidding myself”.
I guess that might be the better question: How do I know if I am kidding myself?

Here’s the model I thought might apply:

C – I consider having a large following/business. (That is a fact. I do.)
T – The demands that come along with the dream make me think that is not how I want to live.
F – Confused or uncertain
A – Debate the pros and cons over and over and over again trying to figure out if I’ve missed something or if my feelings are justified. (I guess if my thought is justified)
R – Never get off the A line and live like a yo-yo.

C – I consider having a large following/business.
T – There will demands, but I can overcome them.
F – Determined
A – Lay out my Do Goals
R – Have thousands of overwhelmed women/moms get the guidance they need to be happy with their lives…. while I pay the price of being stressed out and am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, not being able to travel and lay in a hammock whenever I want!