How do I know if it’s right or I’m doing the next best thing in front of me?

I’ve been coached on this here and in my 1:1 coaching session. I also did the Decisions module. If I had to re-decide, I wouldn’t pick my current job as a supervisor of science and engineering. It’s more administrative than I thought it would be. I’m more of a big ideas, life coach, teacher etc.
c- I am a supervisor
C- I made over 150k

I started as a biology teacher and want to go back into the classroom. The “problem” I would take a 40,000 pay cut. We’ve gotten used to our lifestyle on my currently salary. I’ve been wanting to change jobs for a while. I’m a trained life coach as well and have a few clients I coach.

One of my teachers shared last month that he is retiring. I could easily slip into that role and I think I would really enjoy it. I would get to use my creativity and I enjoy making learning fun. In one of my coaching sessions I gained the awareness that I could learn to like my current job, which I’ve been trying to do but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to teach. Another coach gave me an eye opening example that just because Viktor Frankl had a positive attitude in the concentration camp doesn’t mean he wanted it or chose it.
I’m stuck in indecision again.