How do I know if my weight loss goal is a "side life".

I heard Brooke coaching someone on one of the recorded calls (I can’t remember if it was recent or an older call) who wanted to write a novel and also wanted to lose 5-8 pounds. She told her to drop the weight loss goal, and said sometimes it becomes a “side life” for people.

I have been at the same weight since August, and want to lose another 10 since then. I’ve also completely succeeded at stopping over drinking since April when I joined, and transformed my relationship to my business (I love going to work again!) I have revenue goals for next year and I am all over them. AND I want to reach my original goal weight (I’m 5’8″ and 151 now).

How do I know whether my weight loss goal is a “side life” and if it’s not, what’s the best approach after multiple protocol changes (and successfully adhering to protocols when I try new ones). I’m not in a hurry, I’m working on other goals (like increasing my deadlift) while I’m at this weight, AND I want to reach my original goal weight.