How do I know if this is Buffering?

Hi Brooke,
First off, I am LOVING your program! I feel like I’m getting a ton out of it, I love the daily work and I can see progress in myself for sure! My problem is I have a LOT in my life that I need to complete, many things that truly I should have done a year or more ago and I am now in a situation where I really need to get the work done if I am going to move forward in the direction that I want to be in life, and not just take the easy way out. Problem; when I feel overwhelm I tend to buffer with ‘programs’ that could help me. Even now, doing your work daily, I feel as though I may be buffering with it. I NEED to get my work done, but it is so easy to just sit down and work on your program, watch the videos etc., and its all great stuff! How do I balance this great work that I should be doing with you, and kicking my ass in gear and getting my work done? HELP! I’m indulging in overwhelm and I’m not getting enough actual work accomplished!!
Perfectionistic Procrastinator