How do I know when I’ve processed a feeling enough?

I had this circumstance and I have lots of thoughts about it that have made me feel embarrassed. I keep rehashing the experience out in my mind multiple times a day. I keep telling myself versions of ” I cannot believe I missed that, I am such an idiot! I wasted her time, I cannot believe I thought I was prepared.” My main feeling is embarrassment.

A coach helped me realize that I am avoiding feeling the embarrassment. I intentionally sat and processed it right after the circumstance occurred, but I have not done it again since, even though I think about it and feel the embarrassment come up multiple times a day.

Through my own self coaching tonight I realized I need to be willing to feel the embarrassment and process it for as many times as it takes.

My question is, how do you know when you have processed it enough? Is it when I no longer feel embarrassed when I think about the circumstance?

What is my end goal here as far as processing the feeling goes?

Also, as I feel the embarrassment, what do I do with all the thoughts swirling around in my head?

I know I need to be really present in my body to experience and process the emotion, but what do I do with all the thoughts?