How do I make my bad feelings go away? (follow up from October)

Hi Brooke

I hadn’t spoken to my sister in 4 years because of stuff she did that I couldn’t get over or get past. After much modelling and when I felt I was in control over my emotions, I messaged her asking if we could talk, she agreed. I phoned her the following day and we talked for over an hour, we laughed and talked, it felt so natural and good. I decided ahead of time not to discuss the past, to show up as love only and to really listen to her. My IM.
C Sister conversation
T I love my sister no matter what, I am going to show up as I truely am, with love, gentleness and kindness
F Peaceful
A Phone call with laugher and ease
R loved hearing her voice and listening to her news, we connected and it was great. We message each other from time to time.

I feel a thousand times better than I have in years, I don’t know if we will ever be besties or if our relationship will return to how it was but believe that its exactly as it should be right now. Thank You so much, I had been holding onto these awful feelings of resentment and bitterness for so long and I was making myself utterly miserable. I now feel peaceful and loving when I think of my sister and take full responsibility for me feelings, actions and results. So deeply appreciate your work and teachings Brooke xx