How do I make my "process/thinking time" more efficient?

Hello! As I observe my thoughts and feelings, I can see that I tend to (not deliberately) spend a good amount of time thinking in order to process/think through an experience or an issue I’m facing. This can take quite a bit of time (can be off/on over the course of a few weeks or months on a certain experience or issue), it feels inefficient and takes up much time, and therefore feels like it distracts me from my goals at times. However, at the same time, this thinking/processing also often leads to helpful realizations, ideas for next steps, etc. Given the benefits of this thinking/processing, is there a way for me to do it more efficiently?
The challenge to me with being more planned/contained about it in order to be more efficient, is that I feel like the realizations, ideas for next steps, etc., don’t come on a planned timeline, but rather that my thinking/processing needs the time to think itself through in order to come to those realizations.
Is this true or is this just a story I have about how my mind/thoughts work? Can I make my thinking/processing more efficient so that I arrive at the helpful realizations in less time?