How do I not rush success when I have a pending deadline? (i.e. Biz success before starting a family)

Brooke talks about how rushing the process is the kiss of death (aka being in a hurry to succeed). In theory I agree, but what if I have a deadline to reach my goals?

My partner and I want to start trying to have kids soon and by the time we have one—God willing—I want my side hustles to sustain me full time (they’re getting close!). I’m afraid that if they don’t, I’ll have to give them up since there’s little free time with a baby.

Is working my butt off in my free time a bad thing? Or is that different from a rushed mindset? Is there a way for me to look at this where I don’t feel rushed/in a hurry?

P.S. I love what I do and this deadline lights a fire in me (vs. it giving me a scarcity mindset), if that helps add context.