How do I own and take responsibility for my results?

October and November I was self coaching every day, exercising and so many more nourishing things. I followed scholars work intensely and was really showing up for myself and had such a transformation that yielded desired results. The more managed my brain the better my marketing and biz went and people gravitated to me.

December I had a kidney infection, self coached 50% of the time, didn’t manage my mind or emotions the same way and tried to take same actions without doing the thought work and I see the result of that now in my marketing.

C: Engagement on marketing posts went down 70% in Jan (vs. early December where I signed 2 clients)
T: People are not responding to my marketing because my energy is bad
F: Sad + unworthy
A: Not post a post on Instagram at 16:00 (like I have every day before), look at analytics and check to see who has responded
R: Spend energy focusing on what is bad and not create value

This is my best effort at an unintentional model…

What I would like help with is to own and take responsibility for my results in a loving, constructive way.

I truly believe the marketing I put out the past week is some of the best yet and so not seeing people respond like they have done previously makes me wonder what I am thinking that is creating this result. Maybe it has nothing to do with me either…

I just really want to own my results and the only way I know how to do that right now is by taking care of me, allowing myself to feel disappointed. I know the results do not mean anything bad about me, I know I am valuable and the content I put out is valuable and why I have showed up consistently every day and not skipped a day, just the time of day.