How do I require my kids to attend husband’s church without guilt?

I have recently decided to stop attending the church organization that my husband and I were married in. He is a lifelong member who is still very devoted to his faith organization. I am not. I want to attend church of a completely different faith but have yet to do so. We have four children that I send to church with my husband every Sunday without me joining. I want them to have exposure attending church, experience being in a faith based organization, and being a part of such a strong community with truly good people. I feel incredibly hypocritical sending them to his church when I don’t want to attend myself due to my disbelief in their basic ideology. My husband and I are discussing divorce and this would add more fuel to the discord between us by insisting that they not attend his church every Sunday. I want to be at peace with my reasons for sending them to his church without being hypocritical about me not joining. I can’t seem to figure out where the middle ground is. Thank you, in advance, for your time.