How do I tell the different between "someone not showing up for the relationship I want" and "trying to control people"

So I have been seeing this guy – like 8ish (?) dates in. We spent last night together and had a nice walk this morning before I went home. My reading of the evening/night/morning (we cooked together watched a film, talked a lot had sex a lot) was that we had a lot of fun and that he is lovely and that he likes me and that I like him.
Left in a great mood and thinking this was fun and he was great. He said in a throwaway comment as I left “I’ll text you”. We had been vaguely talking about what we might do next time we saw each other. It has been 12hours and he has not texted. I know he is not working at the moment and does not really have much on. We’ve never really texted constantly, and maybe seeing each other so recently he kind of meant that he’d text tomorrow… but I’m finding it hard not to think that this means I should take the hint that he is not as into me as he seemed to be in person.
I feel like I’ve “ignored hints” before and made excuses for people not texting. I don’t want to end up in a situation again where I feel I like them more than they like me.
I have been trying to work out what I want in a relationship and I think 1) connection and 2) fun are the things that really matter to me right now. I guess I can feel connected to him with my thoughts even if he does not reply (initiate texting). The first 6 hours of the day I felt super connected and excited thinking back to the day, my new thought is
T: You do not know how he feels
F: panic
A: obsessively check if he has replied, don’t do any of the things I had planned with evening, worry about whay my actions mean and how they will be interpreted
R: I don’t know how i feel because im obsessing about how he feels

I want to feel connected and have fun.