How do my models look?

I realized I have this belief that I am going to give up and fail ahead of time no matter what I do. This is not a thought that serves me, and I feel is one that, if not addressed, will hold me back from accomplishing my IG 2020 goal. Or going above and beyond what I believe I can achieve. In my intentional model, my goal is to create the feeling of Courage so that even if I still feel scared, I still take action.

Is this a factual C? And I am not sure how my R’s look and if they prove the thought I am having.

If they do great! If not, what do I need to work on?

C: Creating a business

T: I am going to give up

F: Scared
(a quiet pressure that envelopes and pushes down on my chest, shoulders, upper back, and throat. My throat closes up and there is a slight burning sensation in the middle of my chest. My body curls in on itself and my heart beats harder. My muscles in my shoulders begin to ache.)

A: I do what I say I will do, but with less zeal or speed. I don’t think creatively or out of the box. I avoid certain assignments that would address my fears. I create unnecessary work for my self to slow my progress.

R: I sabotage myself and my work so that I quit ahead of time.

C: Creating a business
T: This is what I want to do

F: Courage
(feels like scared, but I stand up straight and look things head on and feel a ball of tension in my stomach.)

A: I hold my head up high. Look at and complete the assignments or work that I want to avoid. I don’t put it off till later and just get the work done. I ask for help. I do what I say I will do. I speak up.

R: I honor my desires by committing to them no matter what.