How do rich people even think?

When I think about the person I have to be in order to reach my impossible goal, one of the things she has is money.

Money is something I want to work on but I find that I’d rather not pay that much attention to it. I don’t want to have to pull out cash when I’m buying something; I’d rather pay with a card. It’s like I don’t want to keep track of every single dollar. Maybe that’s why I don’t have enough.

I’m trying to be the person who has money, and I don’t even know what that person thinks about or what they do. When I get groceries I think I should add up everything in my cart so I stay within budget and then I think that’s not what rich people do so I don’t add it up and then I when I check out I feel lack and scarcity because I went over budget.

Do you have some thoughts I can practice to help me believe hard? What are you thinking when it comes to money?

Thank you.