How do we ‘just love’ the other people in our lives?

Hi Coaches, my question is…about the other people in our lives (spouse, kids, parents, etc) is their only job really just to be there for us to love? Don’t they have any responsibility to contribute something to the relationship too? I just feel like if my spouse is only there for me to love him, doesn’t that absolve him of putting in the effort into making our marriage successful too? I can’t do that by myself can I? I currently have a strained relationship with my dad, b/c we just went through some stuff this past year, and I feel like he doesn’t acknowledge how he hurt me or acknowledge my feelings at all….does he really not have to do this? It just feels like I am doing so much work on myself and my thinking to improve my relationships with these people, but they don’t have to do anything…the fair minded person in me doesn’t like this! Can you point me in the right direction?? thanks! Love SCS.