How do you answer when someone hates you? Siw

I have a friend who tends to get very dramatic. I actually think we could prove that as a fact in a court of law. 😉 But it’s also my thought.

Anyway. I’ve been listening to the podcast when someone hates you and the one on manipulation. I’m ok for her to think and feel whatever she wants about me (and even my kids, even though that one’s harder). But how would you answer someone who is saying hateful and mean things about you and your kids? She typically goes off on long dramatic text marathons. I’ve said repeatedly that i’m happy to talk to her in person about anything, but that I wont discuss it over text, because it so easily leads to misunderstandings when there is no body language or tone of voice. That is also a fact, misunderstandings have escalated the conflict every single time we’ve tried to resolve something over texting. We’re neighbors, have kids in the same pre-school and class, and soccer team, so I have to find a way to be around her (i’m ok with her ignoring me, calling me whatever, i just want help with what to say and do to be neutral without comming off passive agressive)