How do you conquer your fear of being alone?

All my life I’ve struggled with being alone. It comes from my childhood. My mother was pretty much absent. Throughout my life I’ve managed to never be alone but now I am facing my loneliness and it is tough as hell.

I moved one year ago to Mexico City (I’m Canadian) to live with my boyfriend (who’s Mexican). Now my boyfriend is in the US for 4 months, as he has to go for a job opportunity. I am alone in a foreign country without my boyfriend and without friends. To me it really feels like the universe placed it’s card in order for me to go through this experience. This perspective gives me hope of conquering this big fear that I had through out my life. In the mean time, it sometimes gives me unbearable pain.

I was wondering if you had any tips for me to continue to go into my full recovery of this irrational fear of mine.