How Do You Know If You Are Married To The Right Person

Hello. I am struggling with what the correct thing to think is. I know if I work the model that I can create thoughts positive about my husband. Over a year now I’ve had thoughts about not caring romantically for my husband. I feel like he is my best friend in many ways, but I hate kissing him- it’s just not good. And I love making out, but not with him. It was never great with him but all the sweet and nice things he would do over the years just made me overlook the sexual connection. I’ve tried hard to work the program on not having expectations for him and to just love him. How do you know when it’s just not meant to be though? If you are with the wrong person how do you know it’s the wrong person or you are working the program wrong. Not to be TMI but my husband doesn’t like giving oral sex, which I enjoy. I had past partners enjoy it with me, and I’ve tried talking to him about why he doesn’t and he’s simply not interested in it. I get I shouldn’t have expectations of him doing it. But does that mean I shouldn’t get to enjoy it? I struggle with what the right thing to do is. I work on improving the sexual connection constantly but it doesn’t seem to improve. He travels for work and I truly enjoy my time to myself when he’s gone. So if the sexual connection is not there, and I prefer being alone, idk am I married to the wrong person? Is the action I take getting divorced? Or do I keep working the model daily to change my thoughts and feelings? If he’s the correct person for me ok just work the model it will solve everything. But what if my true match was someone else? For example take Brooke, she has an amazing marriage. But hypothetically if she would have met someone before her husband and married him…should she have just worked the model and stayed with that guy? I feel like working the model you can make any relationship work. But of course not everyone is right for each other.