How do you know what 50/50 feels like?

I often hear Brooke talk about life being 50/50 and the thought that goes through my mind is, “Am I at 50/50 right now?”

Because if I am, then I start feeling a bit hopeless and that things are never going to get better.

Through Self Coaching Scholars, I have learned that I’m creating extra “baggage” by judging myself and judging my thoughts, as well as adding to my anxiety with some of the negative thoughts I have about my anxiety.

But, does that mean there’s some other level, like 80/20 where I feel anxious/negative 80% if the time? I mean, am I doing this work to get to 50/50?

Perhaps I missed the answer to this at some point, or maybe I just haven’t had the “aha” moment that makes me understand the 50/50 in the amazing way that Brooke describes. And how do you know when you’ve gotten there?