How Do You Know?

I am in this writers group and on the very first Zoom meeting we had the instructor opened with ‘How do you know that you are meant to be a writer?’
and she proceeded to tell us that some people like to play the role of being a writer and others like to actually do the work.

It then opened a huge discussion among all the participants and for me, I never thought of this, but I always loved saying “I am a writer” and loved how it sounds, the reaction I am getting from people when they hear that, and the role itself.

And yet, for years I dreaded writing until I became a scholar and understood why I am dreading it.
And these days when I do write I definitely don’t enjoy it.
Most days I want to get it done and over and move to do anything else.

My state of mind is that I have to do it if I want to better my craft and ultimately sell something that I had written, but I don’t take pleasure in the activity.

Is there one way to know if I am doing something I am not meant to be doing because my reason for liking the role isn’t good enough?