How do you process feelings and help with model result

Hi coaches!

I am currently feeling a lot of anger towards another person at work due to a thought that was triggered by something she said. I know the feeling is cause by my thought. And i want to process the feeling. Can you pls describe again how to process feelings without acting on it. Currently, im stewing in my brain thinking a lot of negative about this person. Although i am holding myself back from acting it out towards her and actually say something to her out of anger. I dont want to do that. Im choosing to be in this for now instead of changing my thoughts because i want to learn how to process the feeling of anger. Eventually, i want to feel unconditional love for that person.

C : she said “you can’t even fight for your right”

T : she does not know where i am coming from. She should not have said that to me. That is insulting for me.

F : anger

A : stew in my mind, think negative thoughts about her, play out scenarios of how a can retaliate to her the next time

R : i am insulting myself ? (is this correct? Though im not currently believing that i am insulting myself because i’ve already learn not to say negative things to me. What i want to put here is that “i have a negative experience about this”. Is this more appropriate? Or am i just resisting the result of insulting myself? Appreciate your help here as well)

Thanks so much!