How Do You Restore Yourself After Coaching Clients?

I’ve had such life-changing results in my life from applying Brooke’s work that I’m considering coach certification. Last night, I had my first coaching experience when I coached my sister unexpectedly through some very painful thoughts she was having after my mother made comments to her. For me, I was glad to show up for my sister, but have reservations about coaching as a career. It was maybe a 20 minute experience, but boy did it take a lot of energy. Her pain was intense. I was drained. Withholding judgment, showing up with compassion, thinking of what to say – my brain was tired during and after. Then for hours afterward, I was watching all the thoughts my brain was having about it. Other things I could have said, feeling sad that my sister is depressed… I started doubting if I want to be a coach if I’m going to have this chatter all the time. My brain wouldn’t stop. So, how do you deal with the chatter as a coach? Constant TDLs to quiet things? And how do you build the mental muscle to coach clients? It was like a brain workout for me! Coaching didn’t give me energy, it was very physically tiring, like I had done 10 sudoku puzzles!