How do you stop desiring food?

So I watched the stop overeating training about 3 weeks ago and since I’ve been doing intermittent fasting, staying away from flour and sugar. I’ve been doing thought downloads, and changing my thoughts around food… but still two nights ago I was at a friends-giving party and there were mac-n-cheese, pies, ribs, etc which I didn’t eat but I 100% wanted them. Will there ever be a moment in which I don’t desire them anymore? I hear Brooke talk about getting no pleasure from food and that she could go on any type of diet and be ok with it, but in my mind that seems impossible. It seems impossible to be around delicious food and not want it. I have found a way to think that helps me not eat it (focusing on my goals, and why I’m losing weight), but the idea of not wanting it… seems impossible right now. Will there ever come a moment I don’t desire those foods or will I simply get better and better at choosing not to eat them?