How does crying fit into the model?

How does crying fit into the model? Last night I had a bunch of stuff like pile up Eg. my daughter’s 4 year old bedtime routine and timing, job application stress (I don’t know yet for sure but it’s been so long that I decided to allow myself to feel disappointment for a little bit rather than continue the anxiety and waiting), worry about my daughter, concern for my nana (she’s 98 and is recovering from being in hospital) and I ended up getting all worked up. My husband helped talk me through it and suggested I go have a good cry in the shower and then have a bath and read a book after. I didn’t feel like it but trusted him to follow his instructions. He knows me really well and is usually spot on with the best self care actions I can take for myself. While I was crying in the shower I was trying to think through the model, and identified that there was lots of models and feelings all colliding together. Sadness, grief, frustration, disappointment all rolled in together. I figured out that I had a thought “there’s something wrong with my daughter” and then immediately had another thought “I’ve done something wrong with my daughter” and it was causing a feeling of grief (which was the primary feeling driving the crying). And I don’t mean, polite tears with a tissue in public crying, but wracking, crying sobs with all the water from the shower washing it all away. I find I sometimes just need a good cry to feel better. How does the model work for tears? Is this an action on the action line? In the end all I could do was repeat the model to myself- there was a circumstance, I had a thought, that caused a feeling, I am taking actions based on my feelings and there will be a result. It helped to realize in the moment that my feelings were just from the thoughts in my brain, that someone hadn’t deliberately hurt me, it was my own thoughts that we’re doing that. (Like where Brooke says in the podcast on 20 ways to love) about how not to hurt yourself with your own thoughts. Thanks for listening, it’s my first time trying to put crying into the model.