How Does Depression Fit In?

I have some questions around depression and I know my models are crossing over… I’m hoping you can help me separate out different thoughts as well as clarify how depression fits into the model. Not just a feeling of being depressed, but rather clinical depression–something a doctor says you need medication to help balance your mood (and physical symptoms) due to chemicals in your brain. I assume that is a Circumstance.

But where I get really hung up is from my thoughts about it (imagine that!). You see, I grew up in a family where my mom believes in a lot of “energy” work– energy healing, and the idea that all physical ailments are initially created from our thoughts and beliefs. So… if that is true (notice my “if”) then chemicals going wrong–or at least off-balance–in my brain was caused by thoughts from my present or past. Does the Thought line in the model follow that same idea? It seems like it is different, but as I contemplate depression–which I was recently diagnosed with and sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t– I’m not sure what to believe and how to think about it.

I recognize I have the thought that if it is true that my physical ailments are caused by my thoughts (and I have multiple chronic conditions) then all of my pain is essentially my “fault”– and that thought is totally demoralizing and doesn’t serve me at all. But if it’s NOT true, then how does energy healing/work fit in with the model and how does all of it fit in with helping me feel better? I know that’s loaded- lol.

From what I have studied in SCS I am interpreting that its really my thoughts that influence how I feel about the depression, chronic migraines, and all the other symptoms I deal with. However, I find myself wondering whether to focus on my thoughts, medication, doing energy clearing to get rid of the vibrations that were created from thoughts in my past…. Ah! And then I circle back around to what is “truth” or “real” about depression and where to go from here. Then I tell myself I am indulging in indecision and to just choose one or all of them and move forward and then I feel overwhelmed and confused because of course I want to make the decision that will be most helpful for me and I don’t know what that is.

Can SCS and doing self-coaching help me recover from and work through depression or is my timing off and I need to take care of it through medication and therapy or whatever and then come back to SCS to help me reach another level?

I know– multiple questions and models in there. I appreciate any and all insights. Thanks.