How does Feeling Physically tired fit in to the model

I have been trying to do a model about wanting to eat in the afternoon as a pick me up.
When I have it as a feeling I can’t seem to find a circumstance that is not loaded with emotion and also it feels more like a thought than a feeling. But can feeling tired be a thought when it sounds so much like a feeling.
E.g busy day, day at conference spent hustling

So I tried this

C It’s 3.00pm and I am at a conference promoting business
T It’s been a full on day
F Tired
A have urge to eat
R I start thinking a lot about food and am not so focused on why I am at the conference


C as above
T I want to be showing up as a person who makes the most of this type of opportunity to show case my business
A Stop thinking about having cake for afternoon tea
R I get the most out of being at the conference

Can you help??