How I feel

C – How I feel. Or how it feels in my body. Sometimes I have head ache and body ache.
T – I have low energy to do the work.
T – no desire to work
T – not interested to work
T – I need sleep
F – Unmotivated, Tired, Pain, Bored, sleepy, apathy
A – sleep, watch YouTube videos, sleep 14 + hours, not schedule things on my calendar, tell myself I will do the work tomorrow, beat myself up, feel sorry, tell myself that I have no power over how I feel, spin in thoughts and feelings that don’t create forward momentum, take my past actions mean something about me, be harsh towards myself, tell myself that I have no motivation and enthusiasm to work
R – I have less energy

Hmm okay can you help with those thoughts?

I have those thoughts based on how it feels in my body. So I kind of feel like it’s a fact based on how I feel and how it feels in my body.

What could be an intentional model for me?